Online Learning Solutions

Adapting to changing times, we’ve translated our in-person workshop content into elearning courses that bring our well-regarded professional development programs direct to you! 


Anywhere, Anytime

flexible, self-paced modules structured to help you blend your e-learning with work and other commitments

Workplace Relevant

practical, up-to-date course content that targets real leadership, teamworking and service delivery challenges back-at-work

Interactive Training

a mix of visual and audio delivery with quizzes, activities, group discussions and optional coaching calls

Courses for You & for Your Team

Our programs can be undertaken individually or collectively with your leadership group or team, by arrangement, with optional add-on group forums, coaching calls and inter-session workshops


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Email Marketing Strategies

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Positive Performance Conversations LI

Positive Performance Conversations online and live covers 5 Footings & Frameworks, associated tools and verbal formulas you can use to stay on the positive side of performance conversations – whether it’s a tough talk with a low-performer or constructive encouragement for a top performer.

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Our 5 Themes For Learning

The Change Forum's programs and services fit into 5 main themes that cover essential leadership, teamworking and culture change capabilities today's leaders need to support vibrant, healthy work cultures and high-performing teams.

Emotional Intelligence & Wellbeing

Emotional self-managementself-awareness and mindful action are essential capabilities for building healthy workplaces that support individual wellbeing and promote resilient, cohesive teams. We provide a range of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Wellbeing clinics for leaders, staff and teams,  including: Leading with Emotional Intelligence, EI at Work (for staff), Teaching with EI, Social Intelligence in Teams, Mindful Leadership in Action, Mindfulness at Work (for staff)Trauma 1st-Aid self-help clinics and Building Resilience at Work. Tailored clinics also available.

Conversational Mastery

Understanding how the way we communicate impacts everything we do at work, becoming more conversationally-aware and mastering a variety of tools to improve the conversations you have is a key skill for great leadership and high-functioning teams. Our long-running Dealing with Difficult Discussions program is regarded a valuable asset for leaders at all levels, along with our general Constructive Conversations clinic and more targetted programs including: Positive Performance Conversations (versions for leaders and staff), Defusing Difficult Encounters, Persuasive Conversations, and Building Conversational Confidence.

Culture & Change

Constructive, flexible work cultures are vital for motivating high performance, commitment and productivity while encouraging cohesion, resilience and adaptability.  As well as providing strategic consulting around change and culture, we provide programs that support leaders in: Learning to Lead Change, Creating Constructive Cultures, Preparing People for Change, Developing Shared Visions, Leading Learning Schools and Building Change Resilience at Work.  …(More on our Change Services)

Building Better Teams

With a background of over 25 years consulting around team formation and development, our Working Better Together framework provides a flexible series of modules that can be combined in different ways to target specific improvement areas or a range of topics that suit particular team needs. Publicly, we periodically offer stand-alone programs like Building Better Teams, Working as One Team, Building Respectful Workplaces, Socially Intelligent Teams. We also provide an extended in-house Leadership Team Action Learning program for senior and executive teams that combines team learning sessions with individual leadership coaching.

Leadership, Facilitation & Coaching

Leaders exert a profound impact on the performance, culture, values and emotional climate of the people around them. Building leadership capacity at all levels is a central concern for forward-thinking organisations – who understand that today’s leaders need to expand their traditional ‘positional’ roles to become networkers, mobilisers, facilitators, coaches, values-stewards and engagers leveraging learning to challenge prevailing mental models, mobilise coalitions, develop shared solutions and visions and create a supportive environment which unleashes innovation and learning potential in others. In addition to personal mastery and wellbeing programs, our Learning to Lead series includes Launching Future Leaders, Leadership Action Learning, Essentials of Facilitation, Facilitating Effective Teams, Learning to be a Coaching Leader, Mentoring for Managers. We also regularly provide individual coaching around leadership and personal mastery.

We translate contemporary theory and complex concepts into tangible ideas people can grasp, and practical, down-to-earth tools and processes that can be readily applied to real-life situations at work

High-quality learning programs designed to transfer skills and develop more self-aware, forward-thinking, compassionate leaders and more cohesive, connective, productive teams

We embrace open, collaborative processes that value learner participation, choice and self-responsibility consistent with learning organisation principles.

We employ a wide range of flexible learning strategies, robust concept-driven models and unifying frameworks to underpin our programs.

We bring a wealth of experience and proven capabilities designing, facilitating and implementing innovative workplace improvement processes over more than 25 years consulting around change, leadership and team-based work

Our programs and processes relate to real Australian workplaces, and employ action-learning principles that target real leadership, teamworking and service delivery challenges back-at-work. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – it delivered on facilitation strategies and models and has given me much food for thought… An informative, practical approach with good practice opportunities. It gave me more confidence to apply different tools in different scenarios.


Department of Human Services

We can also help you with...


Organisations often want help designing their own change processes, tailored specifically to suit their own working and cultural contexts and constraints, even if they plan to handle implementation by themselves.


As well as tailoring programs for particular organisation and team contexts, we run regular rounds of  scheduled coaching clinics in major regional centres around Queensland, Australia, for leaders and staff from all levels and backgrounds.


Coaching is a powerful, personalised way to achieve long-lasting and sometimes life-changing, outcomes that really matter to you and make your leadership life more rewarding, rich and fulfilling.

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop – it delivered on facilitation strategies and models and has given me much food for thought… An informative, practical approach with good practice opportunities. It gave me more confidence to apply different tools in different scenarios.


Department of Human Services