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Bec R.

Excellent. Very powerful, practical and impacting. I have already recommended this to many colleagues. I felt like I was in a whole day of therapy and felt so empowered to go back to my workplace. Although I felt that it was a lot of things I already knew the delivery had a great impact and …

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Mary C.

A worthwhile course applicable to any profession. Course content excellent and applicable to my work and the guidebook was very detailed and easy to follow. A good reference to refer to in the future. The facilitator was excellent – very friendly, with a great sense of humour which made the course even more interesting. Keep …

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Leita H.

I got a lot of personal satisfaction from the course. I think you did a great job. You’re funny, a good listener and good at getting everyone’s attention and explaining things. You made me feel confident and relaxed. I can’t recall the last time I was in a workshop where I actually felt comfortable. Great …

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Alison F.

A quality, ‘value-for-money’ day – well-prepared and presented, jam-packed with information, interaction and chances to reflect on practice…lots of opportunities to share experiences and look for solutions…an abundance of resources, which are greatly appreciated. It was a great day Bill.

Alice C.

An excellent workshop full of interesting concepts and strategies – and a guide that’s easy to follow with great topics and useful exercises. It’s given me a new mind set and greater awareness on how to deal with those difficult situations not only at work but at home as well. Since completing the workshop, I’ve …

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Larissa P.

Thoroughly enjoyed this great workshop. The structure was well planned to meet our needs and Bill did a fantastic job getting people to open up and feel comfortable raising work issues. It’s already started to achieve a better working environment and was a good step forward.

Helen B.

Thank you for an excellent presentation. The large number of people I have spoken to were very happy with it. They liked the factfile you distributed and enjoyed the presentation itself and your style. Thanks again the Bill Cropper experience was extremely worthwhile.

Joanne C.

My folks have been telling everyone how good Working Better Together was – so now they all want to go! I think what you tell your peers is probably even more honest than filling in a form for the boss or the facilitator. From my point of view it was perfect for this stage of …

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Christine C.

An all round informative, thought-provoking experience. The most valuable course I’ve had the opportunity to attend in many years. Loved the relaxed atmosphere and enjoyed your skill in presentation. You know your stuff Bill – that’s obvious – and the guide is a great resource, very user friendly and packed with valuable tools. Thank you …

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